Ye Olde Salutation Inn, Nottingham: Haunted Historic Gem

Nestled within the historic streets of Nottingham, Ye Olde Salutation Inn and Ye Olde Trip To Jerusalem stand as venerable landmarks steeped in centuries of legend and lore. With claims to age and haunted histories, these Grade II listed pubs offer visitors a unique glimpse into the city’s rich past, from medieval alehouses to hidden caves beneath Nottingham Castle.

Why I Chose Ye Olde Salutation Inn:

Intrigued by tales of Nottingham’s oldest pubs and their haunted reputations, I embarked on a journey to explore Ye Olde Salutation Inn. Here are five highlights not to be missed when visiting this historic establishment:

  1. Medieval Origins: Dating back to 1240, Ye Olde Salutation Inn lays claim to being one of Nottingham’s oldest pubs, with a rich history that spans centuries of change and upheaval.
  2. Haunted History: Known for its paranormal activity, the inn is said to be haunted by numerous spirits, including a highwayman and other mysterious apparitions that linger within its ancient walls.
  3. Historic Architecture: Wander through the inn’s narrow passages and ancient rooms, including the ‘King Charles Snug’ and ‘Cromwell Snug,’ which offer a glimpse into Nottingham’s past with their centuries-old features and artifacts.
  4. Sandstone Cellars: Descend into the depths of the inn’s extensive sandstone cellars, where visitors can explore cavernous spaces dating back to the 9th century, providing insights into Nottingham’s Saxon heritage.
  5. Local Cuisine: Sample delicious home-cooked fare and traditional pub classics, accompanied by a wide selection of drinks, in the cozy ambiance of Ye Olde Salutation Inn.

FAQs about Ye Olde Salutation Inn:

  1. Is Ye Olde Salutation Inn really haunted?
    Yes, the inn is known for its haunted history, with reports of ghostly apparitions and paranormal occurrences documented by visitors and staff over the years.
  2. What is the significance of the sandstone cellars?
    The sandstone cellars beneath the inn date back to the 9th century and provide insights into Nottingham’s Saxon heritage, serving various purposes throughout history, including storage and accommodation.
  3. Can visitors explore the sandstone cellars?
    Yes, the caves are occasionally opened to visitors at the discretion of the landlord, offering a unique opportunity to delve into Nottingham’s ancient past.
  4. What dining options are available at Ye Olde Salutation Inn?
    The inn offers a menu of home-cooked food and traditional pub fare, including vegan and vegetarian options, served in a historic setting filled with charm and character.
  5. When is Ye Olde Salutation Inn open?
    The pub is open most days from 10 am, providing visitors with the opportunity to experience its historic ambiance and culinary delights.

Why I Chose Ye Olde Trip To Jerusalem:

Intrigued by Nottingham’s claim to host England’s oldest inn, I ventured to Ye Olde Trip To Jerusalem to uncover its storied past and unique features. Here are five highlights not to be missed when visiting this ancient pub:

  1. Medieval Origins: Established in 1189 AD, Ye Olde Trip To Jerusalem boasts a history that spans over 800 years, making it one of the oldest pubs in England, although its exact founding date remains unverified.
  2. Royal Connections: Legend has it that King Richard the Lionheart and his men gathered at the pub before embarking on their historic journey to Jerusalem in 1189 AD, lending the inn its distinctive name and royal associations.
  3. Cave Architecture: Built into the rock beneath Nottingham Castle, the pub features cozy nooks and snug lounges nestled within a network of ancient caves and cellars, providing a truly unique setting for visitors to explore.
  4. Ghostly Tales: Ye Olde Trip To Jerusalem is steeped in ghostly legends, with reports of spectral apparitions and eerie encounters dating back centuries, adding to the pub’s mystical allure and historic charm.
  5. Local Brews: Enjoy a selection of local ales and traditional British pub fare while soaking in the ambiance of Ye Olde Trip To Jerusalem, where every corner is filled with relics and curiosities from Nottingham’s fascinating past.

FAQs about Ye Olde Trip To Jerusalem:

  1. Is Ye Olde Trip To Jerusalem really built into the rocks beneath Nottingham Castle?
    Yes, the pub is constructed within the sandstone cliffs beneath Nottingham Castle, providing visitors with a unique glimpse into the city’s subterranean history.
  2. Are the caves beneath Ye Olde Trip To Jerusalem open to visitors?
    Yes, visitors can explore the ancient caves and cellars beneath the pub, which date back to medieval times and offer insights into Nottingham’s rich heritage.
  3. What ghostly tales are associated with Ye Olde Trip To Jerusalem?
    The pub is said to be haunted by the spirits of crusaders and victims of ancient conflicts, with reports of ghostly apparitions and mysterious occurrences adding to its atmospheric charm.
  4. What dining options are available at Ye Olde Trip To Jerusalem?
    The pub offers a menu of traditional British pub fare and local ales, served in historic surroundings filled with timber beams, low ceilings, and ancient artifacts.
  5. Is it true that Robin Hood may have visited Ye Olde Trip To Jerusalem?
    While there is no definitive proof, legend suggests that Robin Hood may have frequented the pub, given its proximity to Nottingham Castle and its reputation as a refuge for outlaws during medieval times.

Whether you’re drawn to the haunted history of Ye Olde Salutation Inn or the ancient charm of Ye Olde Trip To Jerusalem, both pubs offer visitors a fascinating journey through Nottingham’s storied past. From medieval origins to ghostly encounters, these historic establishments provide a unique glimpse into the city’s rich heritage, making them must-visit destinations for travelers exploring Nottinghamshire’s vibrant cultural landscape.

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